An unparalleled look into your audiences

When our clients need to deeply understand their customers, we provide an unparalleled suite of proprietary data and insights. For more than 28 years, PN Styles has helped governments, associations, corporations and nonprofits find insights into their audiences and stats to tell their stories.


Three times a year, we track the same 6,000 adults to discover trends in attitudes, purchasing behaviors, lifestyle values, technology use and their traditional and online media habits. While consumer behaviors constantly change, our data is always up-to-date.


We gather information from at least 1,000 health care providers twice a year to understand how they use social media channels inside and outside the exam room, how they stay informed and their approach to diagnosing and treating a range of patients.

PN View

PN View is Porter Novelli’s proprietary  way of reaching a variety of audiences quickly and easily throughout the year.  PN View offers rapid turnaround polls that can provide “pulse checks” with consumer audiences, specialty groups, influencers, and experts.


Tweens are a major market with its own consumer patterns. We work with the kids of ConsumerStyles parents to harvest unique generational data. And, of course, we explore the relationships, media, shopping and sensation-seeking behaviors that create a tween’s world.


Hispanics are one of the nation’s fastest-growing consumer groups. This Hispanic-only survey of 1,000 adults takes a deeper dive into the language preferences, media habits and health and nutrition choices of this dynamic population segment.


One of the best uses of Styles and PN View is visualizing data to understand what’s driving consumer decision-making. Porter Novelli’s in-house creative team weaves together Styles findings into easy-to-understand infographics.

Customized reports and syndicated licenses are available today. Contact Deanne Weber, Ph.D.