Porter Novelli Styles

PN View

PN View is Porter Novelli’s proprietary way of reaching a variety of audiences quickly and easily throughout the year.  It offers rapid turnaround polls that can provide “pulse-checks” with consumer audiences as well as influencers and experts. It can be used to define and gauge audiences, check content, and provide insights.  PN View consists of five survey types: PN View 360, PN View 360+, PN View Moms, PN View Policy, and PN View Food.

PN View 360

PN View 360 is our consumer audience survey of 500 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.  This survey fields monthly (or more often if needed).  The survey is designed by Porter Novelli Public Services often with input from our clients.  It is programmed and fielded by ENGINE Insights (https://engine-insights.com/product/caravan/) using opt-in panel members from the Lucid platform (https://luc.id/marketplace/).  Quota sampling is used to collect a nationwide sample of respondents who are then weighted by gender, age, region, race/ethnicity, and education to mirror the demographical composition of the U.S. population using the most recent Current Population Survey proportions.

PN View 360+

PN View 360+ is identical to PN View 360 except that it fields among a larger sample – 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

PN View Moms

PN View Moms is our consumer audience survey of 300 U.S. Moms of children under age 18.  Like our PN View 360, the survey is designed by Porter Novelli Public Services and administered by ENGINE Insights using the Lucid platform.


PN View Policy is our survey mechanism for reaching DC policy experts.  Porter Novelli has created a panel of hundreds of screened thought leaders that we survey monthly (or as needed) to provide insight into what is going on inside the Beltway.  The panel includes a variety of experts such as current and former hill staffers, association executives, policy analysts, lobbyists, and communication experts.

PN View Policy respondents are invited to participate in each survey via email invitation.  Porter Novelli programs and hosts each 10-12 question survey using the Qualtrics platform.


PN View Food also brings together hundreds of screened experts, but this time in the food and nutrition space.  This Porter Novelli proprietary panel is comprised of Registered Dietitians Nutritionists (RDN), MS RDs, and PhDs. Like for our policy panel, short 10-12 questions surveys are fielded monthly (or as needed).  Porter Novelli programs and hosts the surveys using the Qualtrics platform.