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Added in 2013, Estilos is our Hispanic-only version of ConsumerStyles. We reach out to 1,000 Hispanic adults each year to understand important aspects of their lives such as media preferences, health and nutrition choices, shopping habits and political affiliation.

Estilos Methodology

Estilos is an annual web-based survey of U.S. Hispanic adults ages 18 or older administered by Offerwise through its QueOpinas panel. QueOpinas is the largest online U.S. Hispanic panel with more than 220,000 active panelists who are recruited nationally through both English and Spanish network television.

Estilos fields during October. To maintain high response rates, the sample is drawn from the most active panelists (top 5 percent). Caps (quotas) are used for age, language, acculturation level, region, gender and heritage to prevent unbalanced results. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes (median) to complete and has a response rate of approximately 32 percent. Those who complete the survey received 750 cash-equivalent reward points (worth approximately $15).

The resulting data are weighted using eight factors: gender, age, household income, household size, education, census region, country of origin and acculturation (based on years living in the U.S., language spoken at home, cultural self-identification and use of Spanish language media). The weights are designed to weight the data to match U.S. Census American Community Survey (ACS) proportions on all variables except acculturation which is not measured in the ACS. Instead, acculturation, weights are set at 25 percent low, 50 percent medium and 25 percent high to match the overall composition of the panel.

Specific sample sizes, response rates and survey durations for the past few years are shown below.

Estilos 2013-2020

YearInvites SentResponses receivedResponse RateSurvey Length
(Median Minutes)